a beach with people on it
a beach with buildings and trees

The Country and its people

  • Palios Panteleiomonas (11km)
  • Palei Pori (10km)
  • Ampelakia (26km)
  • Average needed time 2 to 4 hours
  • Preservable, picturesque old mountain villages
  • Doable both privately and organized by travel agents
  • Ideal for amazing views and for naturalist, architectural, historical interest

a rocky mountain with a valley below with Mount Olympus in the background

Archaeological sites

  • Archaeological site of Aigai, modern name Vergina (110km) (UNESCO World Heritage List)
  • Archaeological Park of Dion (33km)
  • Livithra or Leivithra or Leibethra archaelogical site (18km)
  • The (venetian) Castle of Platamonas (7km)
  • The Meteora Monasteries (130km) (UNESCO World Heritage)
a body of water with a beach and mountains in the background

Urban Day Trips

Thessaloniki (100 km)
Accessible by car or train
Average travel time 75' per ride
Don't miss The White Tower, A walk along the Port, The Aristotelous Square, Modiano Market, The Jewish Museum, The Hop-on-hop-off bus, The Ano Poli (the oldest part of the city overlooking the current metropolis).

Larisa (45 km)
Accessible by car or train
Average travel time 30' per ride
Don't miss The famous pedestrian market, The ancient open-air theatre, The Frourio (fortress) location, The celebrated bar-restaurants, A walk along the Pineios river flowing through the city.